Information about Cymric Cats

According to researchers, Cymric cats began to live centuries before human settlement. They are said to have the genes of British short hair cats. When looked at the similarity of body structures, it is considered to be an accurate theory.

Cymric cats are intelligent, playful, and very good with other animal species. This includes cat-loving dogs. They are very loyal to their owners and enjoy spending time with them too. They are not difficult to train compared to other cat species. Despite their playful structure, they have a gentle nature that is not aggressive. For these reasons, it is the right choice for families with children. They are active and they can reach even the highest places in the home environment. Because their motherland is surrounded by water, they are very good with water. They don’t like baths, though.

The tail length of the Cymric cats is variable. They have four tail types in total. These can be listed as haunch, haunch bun, curved and long. The haunch species does not have a tail. Those which have haunch are in the form of a small bun. The curved type is fairly short and curved. The long tail has an average length tail type. These species are usually used for breeding purposes.

Cymric cats require care once a week. The fingernails should be cut twice a week and the inner ear cleaning should be checked and cleaned with cotton when needed. Ear bar usage is not recommended in case of permanent damage. The litter box should be kept clean, hygienic toilet environment should be provided. When there is a flux in the eyes of cats of the Cymric species, it should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth. In spite of the risk of infection, both eyes should be wiped with two separate cloths. Rarely, a bath should be taken.

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