JEANRICHARD Launches Two New Collections:

okyo (March 14, 2013) – The Swiss watch brand JEANRICHARD launched its two new collections, “Terrascope” and “1681” inspired by the brand’s new identity; “A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE” at a press event held in Aoyama, Tokyo. The brand also announced an open essay competition entitled “A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE”.

The “Terrascope” and “1681” collections are launched based on the brand’s new identity, “A PHILOSOPHY

OF LIFE”. While both collections feature the same 46 mm size case, both also offer different aesthetic appeal. The “Terrascope” collection is a sporty line that is elegant as well as dashing and gallant in expression. And the more classic “1681” collection remains true to the brand’s watchmaking origins, simultaneously boasting its own unique construction. Dedicated to those who live and enjoy life according to their own philosophies, the two collections have been created in the hope that “A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE” followers will seize the opportunity to become acquainted with a JEANRICHARD timepiece.

At the event held at the Royal Café Aoyama in Aoyama, Tokyo, not only were the “Terrascope” and “1681” collections showcased, there were also exhibits of artwork created by illustrator Masakatsu Shimoda which depicted watchmakers working at the La Chaux-de-Fonds studio in Switzerland, as well as scenes of world-heritage listed streetscapes, creating a sense of the thriving world of the Swiss tradition of watch-making.

JEANRICHARD COO Bruno Grande also delivered a presentation about the new products and how the “PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE” marks a new beginning for the JEANRICHARD brand. After the presentation, Sowind Japan K.K. President Tomoko Okabe announced the essay competition entitled “A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE” to mark the release of the new “Terrascope” collection. Noritoshi Furuichi, popular young sociologist and author of “Happy Youths in a Hopeless Country”, who will be on the selection committee, was also welcomed to the event to give a talk about his thoughts on “A PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE”.

To the backdrop of a live guitar performance, time went by in an exciting yet breezy way, as the guests who had gathered enjoyed the new concept suggested by JEANRICHARD’s “PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE”.

Profile of the Selection Critic: NoritoShi FuruiChi
Born in Tokyo, in 1985. Currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of the University of Tokyo. Senior Affiliate Researcher at Keio Research Institute at SFC. Executive officer at Zent Ltd. Sociology major. Engaged in marketing and IT strategy development, etc. at Zent Ltd, while studying the relationship between youths and communities at graduate school. Author of books including, “Happy Youths in a Hopeless Country”(Kodansha), and “The Hope Refugees: Peace Boat and the Illusion of Communities of Recognition” (Kobunsha Co., Ltd). His latest book is “What Lies in Our Future” (Kodansha).


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