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At the Oscars of 2014, the self-indulgence of server Sen DeGeneres, which began after Hollywood’s famous predecessor, has suddenly swept the world. Everyone from our best friend, mother or a little boy to 80-year-old boys, but everyone took his phone and put a little smile on his face and pressed the shutter button.

There have been many accidents, injuries or even death due to this madness. When Selfie was taken, the news of death came for the first time in March 2014. Then 127 other events like this happened. Unfortunately, those who wanted to impress their friends with their social media exposure left this life without turning to them.

Facebook, one of the most popular Selfie sharing platforms, has taken an interesting step towards Selfie. Facebook, which can be entered in the next period without password, will use the face recognition system and thus a self-account can be entered with a specified. This will be especially eliminated in a matter of time when you forget the password anymore.

The details of this new system have not yet been clarified. However, a Selfie with all the details of your face is thought to be able to access the system. The system will ask you to confirm that you are the real owner of the account by comparing your photo to your Facebook account. Then the verification will be done. After the process is complete, the entry will be deleted from the system you have taken the Selfie.

Facebook’s corporate spokesperson said that the site accounts, payments and friend requests to be sent to the ‘suspicious’ to prevent many of the issues that are considered to be new application.

In addition, this new Selfie period, the account owner will not be able to log in and read private messages and shares.

The question mark in mind is, if you make an aesthetic or make a big change in your image, will Facebook recognize you?

The answer to the question is still unclear.

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