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When We Were Kings Won Cinema Eye Legacy 2018 Prize

This year’s owner of Cinema Eye Legacy prize, which is only given  to documentary films, has been “When We Were Kings” directed by Leon Gast.

‘When We Were Kings’, also the owner of the Best Documentary Academy in 1997, tells the competition of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali and his rival George Foreman in 1974.

As soon as the world-famous boxer Muhammad Ali came at the age of 32, people started to rumour that he is not as powerful as he was. Exactly in this period, the competition which Muhammad Ali competed with the World Heavyweight Champion George Forman who is 10 years younger than him, ended the rumours. At the end of the fight Muhammad Ali has won again. A ceremony will be held in New York in January for the Cinema Eye Legacy Award.

The Cinema Eye Legacy Award means that movie continues to stay as it was on its first published date. The award is also given in order to inspire new generation documentary filmmakers.

Marshall Curry, one of the Presidents of the Cinema Eye Awards, said in a statement about the award, “Today, while sports, racial and political protest news are topical, Leon Gast has written this brilliant documentary about one of the greatest figures in sports history, this is a perfect time to honour Muhammad Ali, a man who does not hesitate to speak politics.”

Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, who died when he was 74 in 2016, won the world heavyweight boxing championship three times and managed to defend his title 19 times against his opponents. The famous boxer is also known for his support of black movements at a time when racism is at the top of the US.

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