Michael Jackson’s House in New York Is Being Sold

Michael Jackson’s House in New York Is Being Sold
Pop music legend Michael Jackson’s, passed away in 2009, house in New York has been put up for sale. The requested number is 39 million dollars for the 6-story house located in one of Central Park’s most prestigious blocks.

In this historic building, built in 1898, there are 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and 10 fireplaces. It is stated that prior to Jackson, Marc Chagall, the famous painter, and Francis Lynde Stetson, the legal Partner of President Grover Cleveland, were also resident in this house.

The white color in the living room creates a peaceful atmosphere. In this room, which has modern paintings on the walls, there is a cream-colored seating room which is freshened up with grey pillows. The color of the curtains used behind the fire was preferred by the color of the doré we used to see on Jackson.

The dining room which has a large and flamboyant table attracts attention. In the bedroom, where the two closets have the impression of a door, there are coffee-shades of pillows on the bed. In another living room of the house, there is a classic velvet corner seat.

There is a coffee table across the seat decorated with different shades of pillows. When you look at the bathroom there is a decoration where white color dominates.

There are two windows with roller blinds in the bathroom, where items are preferred away from the display.
The most striking part of the legend pop star’s house is the New York scenic patio. The decoration of this peaceful patio is also very enjoyable.

The preferred color in the kitchen is white. In the kitchen where the marble counter is accompanied by white cabinets and walls, illumination is provided with three stalactite lamps. There is also a classical chandelier at the top of the dining table.

The decoration of this peaceful patio is also very enjoyable. It is observed that the patio, where the straw sitting group is preferred, is tried to be invested with a garden. The outer facade of the house, decorated with limestone carvings and red bricks, can also be seen on the porch with numerous pots.

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