MKS-1 SLS Multifunctional Space Launch System by Oscar Vinals

MKS-1 SLS Multifunctional Space Launch System, just like its name suggests, it can be used to launch wide variety space rockets. You probably can guess the designer behind this project, yes, the one and only, our friend, Oscar Vinals. You can read his explanations about his latest project below:

Currently/Today, the only way that we know to launch Vehicles or “payload” into Space or at Low earth orbit (suborbital), is using a Rocket which takes off from land place and reaches the pre-selected “objective”. Depending on their “payload” specifications, it is necessary to use a Rocket with special size and features.

The MKS-1 SLS is a concept plane with multifunctional uses, designed like a “Launch-Support” for many different Space Rockets or Special Space & Suborbital vehicles; thought to reach their objectives, decreasing today’s costs for launching into Space, these “payloads” with smaller Rockets and lesser fuel, and minimizing the non-reusable parts.

Versatile, adaptable for special Ovi’s rocket (equipped with supersonic wings, all controlled by Intelligent Flight Control System (IFCS)) with NASA’s CM (Crew Module), NASA’s Ares I evo rocket (with “special wings”), ESA’s Vega evo rocket (with “special wings”), NASA’s X-43a experimental vehicle with “special rocket”, Aurora SR-91 experimental vehicle, REL’s (Reactions Engines Limited) Skylon experimental vehicle, XLDron M Gravity mass Space Tourism and more potentials “payloads”.

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