Most Exotic 10 Car Makers in the World – Bugatti & Pagani

3. Bugatti – a 21st century “harmony of design and technology.” The heritage of Ettore Bugatti is the heart of impressive technical design and exterior beauty. This can be seen in Bugatti’s signature supercar, the exotic Veyron. Ettore Bugatti sometimes made technical compromises for the sake of aesthetic integrity. The spirit of competition spurred continual innovation over the years, bringing ever-improved exotic cars every year.This is a very gutsy vision of exotic cars, one which can only belong to the #3 contender.

4. Pagani – Horacio Pagani originally teamed up with Lamborghini, doing composite research for them in 1988. The company was called “Pagani Composite Research.” In the late ‘80s Pagani wanted to start building his own car, which was coded as the “C8 Project.” The C8 would later be named the Fangio F1 in commemoration of the F1 champion, Juan Manuel Fangio. For its amazing designs, Pagani is the #4 Most Exotic Car Maker.

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