Most Expensive Children’s Clothes: Baby CZ Layette & Burberry Jacket

6. Cashmere Layette: $286

Why not invest in some inexpensive but comfortable onesies and stick the rest of the money in a savings account for your new son or daughter? It’s easy to get get caught up in a baby spending spree as you await the arrival of your little one, but dropping nearly $300 on a cashmere outfit that your infant will almost immediately poop, pee, or spit up on seems a bit much. (via Baby CZ)

5. Waxed Cotton Field Jacket: $475

Winter coats are an essential purchase for your child to ensure s/he’s warm and bundled during those blustery winter months. However, there’s no need to go overboard and spring for a Burberry jacket that costs nearly $500, especially when you’ll be frantically pawing through the Lost and Found box at your kid’s school in hopes of finding it after it was accidentally left under the jungle gym before school let out for mid-winter break. (via Burberry)

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