Most Expensive Children’s Clothes: Gucci Cardigan & Armani Wool Suit

4. Gucci Cardigan: $475

This pink button-up is cute, but is it nearly $500 worth of cute? Unless your daughter has weekly afternoon tea dates with President Obama’s daughters at the White House, we’re guessing not. Even more ridiculous than spending almost five hundred bucks on a jacket for your six-year old is spending the same amount of money on a cardigan.  (via Saks Fifth Avenue)

3. Infant’s Two-Piece Wool Suit: $540

 Sure, it looks cute, but unless your infant is crashing weddings and selling stocks on Wall Street seven days a week, it’s not worth buying such a lavish outfit for a single occasion. Aside from Barney Stinson’s son, we can’t imagine what sort of baby would need to suit up to such an expensive extreme. Maybe he’s the ring bearer or, oddly, the baby best man at someone’s wedding, but no matter the occasion, a newborn doesn’t really need an Armani suit.(via Armani)

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