Most Expensive Children’s Clothes: Kids Cavern Jeans & Rachel Riley Blazer and Shorts

You want to provide the very best for your children, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is very challenging to be a parent. Unfortunately, making this happen isn’t always cheap, and spending money on clothing can quickly get out of hand.

That’s why many of us shop at budget-friendly places when picking out a few outfits for our kids. In our list we’ve compiled some of the more ridiculous pieces of kids’ clothing. But there are still plenty of opportunities to spend great amounts of money to get the latest styles.

10. ‘Pirate Skull’ Jeans: $87

These bootcut, skinny, 5 pocket jeans are unisex, so they’re appropriate for the little swashbuckling boy or girl in your life. However, seeing as how Ed Hardy gear is beloved by Jon Gosselin and various members of the Jersey Shore, some less-than-stellar role models in terms of their fashion choices and life decisions, we’re thinking you’d rather clothe your kids in something a little less ridiculous and expensive. (via Kids Cavern)

9. Polka Dot Blazer with Matching Turn-Up Shorts: $184

If you want your little boy to look like a mini Jay Gatsby, this blazer and matching shorts by Rachel Riley should do the trick. We imagine this stark white and light blue outfit would be kept clean for roughly 30 seconds before your son breaks free from your grip and makes a beeline for the nearest patch of dirt to play in. Note that you’d have to buy a separate long-sleeved shirt to go underneath the ensemble, bringing the total price up to $269.  (via Rachel Riley)

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