Most Expensive Children’s Clothes: Kids Cavern T-Shirt & Please Mum Sneakers

8. ‘Handbag’ T-Shirt and Leggings Set: $232

This Fendi top has a handbag design on it to make it look like your daughter is toting around a little purse. Maybe the idea of a drawn-on purse isn’t so bad, though – that way, you wouldn’t be able to carry around money or credit cards that tempt you to spend over $200 on a t-shirt and leggings for your little girl. We’re assuming including an actual handbag with the outfit would have skyrocketed the price even more.  (via Kids Cavern)

7. Pair of Girls Sneakers: $259

This pair of girls shoes from Ferre won a UK Fashion Award for “best kidswear.” Maybe they’re not suitable for playing in and are instead intended to be slipped on your daughter’s feet while she sleeps so you can admire how clean and shiny they are. We’re assuming that award doesn’t consider the fact that as soon as your kid pulls a pair of these on, she’ll instantly scuff or smudge the white and silver design. (via Please Mum London)

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