Most Expensive Children’s Clothes: Please Mum Outfit & Saks Fifth Avenue Jacket and Dress

2. 3 Piece Top, Jacket, and Pant Set: $900

Admittedly, this outfit looks better than what most grown men wear on a first date, but aside from having a really cute school photo, we can’t imagine many instances where your son would need to wear a $900 shirt, jacket, and jeans. Unless your child is a little R&B superstar in the making, it’s probably better to stick to an outfit that costs less than 1/10th the price. (via Please Mum London)

1. Ruffled Motorcycle Leather Jacket with Suspended Bow Shift Dress: $1,000

Designer Phillip Lim has created a cute little getup, but we simply can’t justify spending $1,000 that would be put to better use in any number of ways (groceries, car payments, a family vacation). As much as we love adorable dresses and jackets, shelling out $650 for a leather jacket and an additional $350 for a dress to create an outfit that your daughter will outgrow in a year seems like a joke. Sorry Phillip, but your clothes are too rich for our tastes. (via Saks Fifth Avenue)

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