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New Album and Tour from U2

One of the biggest bands in the music market, U2 is preparing for a new series of concerts with its latest album.

After three years, the legendary band experience + Innocence, which met with fans of the last album called “Songs of Experience”, seems to conquer their hearts again on their tour. Concerts starting from North America will extend to Europe. U2 will be on the stage until autumn as part of the concerts that will take place on 2 May in Tulsa.

The Group’s European tour will take place in May and June at various points in the United States and will begin with Germany on August 31. The group will meet their fans in Paris on September 8-9, Lisbon on September 16, and Madrid on September 20. The last concert of this tour will take place in Denmark on September 26 and will take place in Hamburg on October 3. Tickets for the concerts have already been sold on Online Sales ticket sites. If you want to hear the band’s legendary names Bono, the edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. live, grab a ticket and get the chance to watch U2 on stage.

U2 Bono, the edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen JR., a Dutch Rock Band, it’s more like the time of high school. The band released their first album “Boy” 4 years later. After that, 13 more albums were released for the band, which has gained worldwide fame over the years. One, Beautiful day and Window in the Sky are among the most popular songs released by the band on tour for 15 times worldwide. The band received the support of fans not only with their high quality music but also with their ideas and actions on issues such as anti-war, poverty, injustice and hunger.  The band also sang “bullet the bullet sky” against the war.


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