The iconic Reveal studio monitor is back – two new models unveiled in a range that doesn’t compromise on sound quality…
With its arrival in the mid ’90s, the original Tannoy Reveal monitor blazed a trail of affordable, high quality monitoring that saw it installed into thousands of music making set-ups across the globe. Its high-quality yet cost-effective design earned Tannoy a world class reputation in music production circles and today the company is building on this with the announcement of an all new Tannoy Reveal range that represents the latest evolution of their high-resolution active reference monitor technology.

There are three monitors in the new range: the active 501a and 601a and a passive solution, the 601p.

The 501a is an entry-level active monitor that offers the ideal monitoring solution for producers on a budget who refuse to compromise on sound quality. A perfectly matched integrated amplifier ensures maximum efficiency from the 5” woofer and 1” soft dome tweeter. The 501a’s response has been optimised for nearfield operation.

The 601a delivers pristine sound from 63Hz-30kHz through the 6.5” LF/MF driver and 1” soft dome tweeter. With a total power output of 90 Watts, this compact speaker is the ideal solution for home, project and pro studio set-ups alike.
Both of the new Reveal monitors represent the latest evolution of Tannoy monitoring and are the ideal low-cost solutions for producers who need high quality monitoring in a powered set-up.

So how do Tannoy deliver so much from such a compact and cost effective design? All will be revealed…

The low distortion drivers in the range offer a natural and accurate ultra-linear response in the low and midrange frequencies, while the wide bandwidth tweeters extend the frequency response beyond the 20kHz audibility threshold to 30kHz in order to improve phase response. This preserves the harmonic structure of sounds and the stability of the stereo image, ensuring stunningly accurate mix translation.

Each monitor is housed in a rigid MDF construction to ensure the cabinet’s solidity and minimise coloration, while internal bracing of the sides and rear against the back of the bass driver provides a rigid reactive mass for the moving cone assembly ensuring a fast, tight bass response and clear midrange. The curved edged design of the front baffle helps eliminate diffraction, while the front-firing bass port avoids the problem of exaggerated bass response as a result of ‘boundary coupling’, a pitfall inherent with rear-firing designs when positioned close to a wall. The new elliptical tweeter waveguide has also been optimised to control high frequency directivity and minimise diffraction, ensuring a wide and even sweet spot.

Other features include an independent gain control on the rear panel (active models only – see below), along with HF trim control for fine-tuning. Balanced XLR and unbalanced TRS jack inputs complete the versatile package, ensuring the monitors are easily integrated into any home or project studio with minimum fuss.

Those running passive monitoring systems will have another option in the 601p passive monitor option. This non-powered monitor offers all of the Reveal quality and specifications of the 601a but in a passive cabinet.

The all new Reveal range packs performance, accuracy and value into a compact design and delivers a wide bandwidth performance that will impress even the most seasoned pro.

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