Pencil Produced From Kalashnikov

You’re used to hearing the name Kalashnikov on war, assault and death. But this time, the Kalashnikov is on the agenda in a very different way.

We think that those who believe in the word ‘the pen is sharp from the sword’ and want to stop armament in the world have found a solution, and Kalashnikov rifles stuffed pens were produced.

As a symbol of luxury and prestige worldwide, the pen brand Cross has collected AK-47 type Kalashnikov rifles in the market and melted them into pens.

The famous Pen Brand CROSS revealed the pen by cooperating with Fonderie 47 Company. Peter Thum, who founded Fonderie 47 in 2009, began collecting AK-47 weapons, making attempts to end the civil war in Congo, where 5 million people lost their lives in 20 years. By now, 50.000 guns have been collected. These weapons were melted in foundries and turned into pens, watches and jewelry.

The CROSS company named it Fonderie 47 as a result of his collaboration.

The serial number of the Kalashnikov was added to the cover section of the pen produced as twenty-three carat.

For those who want to see how a pen was created from a rifle other than pen enthusiasts and collectors, this pen went on sale in Turkey starting in October.

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