You want to run away for the weekend in the winter. But you can’t find a hotel to stay with your little friend. The hotels you like do not accept you with your cat or dog. When you drop him off at home or a relative, you are wrapped up in your pet. You don’t understand much about your vacation.

Now we have pet-friendly hotels which can host you and your little friend together. Moreover, the number of these hotels all over Turkey is increasing day by day. So you can have a nice vacation with your pet without having to worry about it.

You can stay in the same room with your little friend in these hotels. You can go all over the hotel together, play on the beach or swim together. In the restaurant, while you eat your food, it also enjoys the specially prepared food. Here is a list of the most comfortable pet-friendly hotels you can enjoy in the comfort of your stay;

One of the most peaceful holiday destinations in Istanbul is Ağva. There are many pet-friendly hotels here. The Ağva Park Mandalin Hotel, Ağva White House, the Ağva Tranquillilla River Hotel, Ağva Robin’s Nest, Ağva Greenline Guest House as well as the Loft Istanbul, located in Beyoglu, are the most pet-friendly hotel in this city.

If your holiday route is Sapanca, the Seyir Hotel and Beta Home Lake House are happy to welcome you with your little friends. Bağbadem Hotel and Aral Holiday Village in Bozcaada, Altınoluk Aeneas Hotel are suitable for your holiday with pets.
Kayserkaya Mountain Houses in Şirince, Izmir, the Celella Hotel in Selçuk, the Rüzgar and Kapari Hotels in Alaçati, the L’olivier Hotel in Çeşme and the Lila Hotel in Dikili are other pet-friendly hotels.

When you turn your route towards Muğla, the Kektik Hotel in Marmaris Selimiye, in Bozburun the Melek Hotels and Kocabahçe Glamping, in Datça the Fatah Hotel, the Sunny Garden Hotel, the Milas Tortoise Hotel, the Göcek Dalya Life Hotel in Bodrum, in Ölüdeniz Yonca Lodge, Oyster Residences, the Mandarin Hotel, the Montavere Hotel and the Kayaköy Ski Hotel are also found as pet-friendly hotels.
The Kibala and Papirus Hotel in Antalya also gives pet-friendly service.

If your holiday option will be on the northern side, Safir Konak in Safranbolu, Uğurlu Konakları in Kastamonu, and Hindiba Doğa Evi in Bolu, Mengen want to host you with your pets.
Cappadocia provides pet-friendly service with Millstone Cave Suites, Museum Hotel and Argos in Cappadocia. You can go to Anatolian Houses in Gaziantep and enjoy the holiday with your little friend.

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