Ready to Race International Six Days Enduro at “Sardegna 2013” in Italy?

Are you ready to race Sardegnia 2013? KTM is at the centenary edition of the oldest offroad event on the FIM calendar on Italy’s Sardinia as exclusive partner and again offers its comprehensive KTM Race Service package for “Sardegna 2013” from September 30 to October 5, 2013.

“Sardegna 2013” will be the culmination of 100 years of the thrills and excitement; the best of Enduro racing in a format that not only pits nation against nation but also creates an opportunity for Enduro enthusiasts from all over the world to compete under the same conditions, as and with the world’s elite riders.

The 2012 event, held in and around Germany’s Saxony was dominated by the French national team buoyed by the inclusion of three top class riders from the KTM Enduro Factory Team: Christophe Nambotin, Antoine Meo and Johnny Aubert. Nambotin and Meo went on to take the World Championship E3 and E1 titles while Aubert was a creditable fifth in the E2 class with his factory teammate, Cristobal Guerrero of Spain in overall second position. Australia fielded a strong lineup and was second in the coveted World Trophy and Italy, the 2013 ISDE host, was third. There will be no doubt that the Italian team, who will take to the tracks in their hallmark blue kit will be out to take the top podium spot in this centenary year.

The ISDE offers riders from all over the world six days of top class Enduro racing and organizers of the 2013 edition, considered to be the ‘Olympics’ of offroad racing, report record numbers of pre-entries. They expect 600 riders from 40 nations from all five continents. KTM is again the major partner for the ISDE and will offer its exclusive KTM Race Service that provides a complete package including: KTM rental machines, technical instructions and support compliant with official FIM (International Motorcycle Federation) regulations, spare parts service, fuel and lubricants, WP suspension support, service point emergency assistance, daily updates for settings and race information and much more.

Just like its racing machines, the KTM Race Service has been finely tuned over years of experience to provide ISDE riders with all the equipment and professional support they need for six days of unprecedented riding and competition pleasure, together with the champions and their peers from all over the world.  Riders who subscribe to the KTM Race Service will be able to arrive in Sardinia before the race, knowing that they can expect nothing but the best in service and equipment from the Orange KTM Race Service Team.

The KTM Race Service offers a limited number of customer packages so it is necessary for prospective ISDE competitors to subscribe early to ensure that they are part of the ‘World of Orange’ offroad racing at what will be the premium Enduro event in 2013. All relevant information and application forms are included as attachments with this information.

The KTM Race Service looks forward to welcoming you to Sardinia, Italy for six days of great racing at Sardegna 2013.

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