It is not difficult to enjoy a luxurious holiday by diving into blue and enjoying peace. With cruise ships serving from many parts of the world, you can see the different shores and also find 5-star accommodation for these floating hotels.The cruise travel area, where interest is so intense, does not miss the attention of tourism investors. One of them is the Ritz Carlton Hotels Group.
One of the world’s leading hotel chains, Ritz-Carlton also announced it will enter the cruise sector.

The Ritz-Carlton, located under the roof of the Marriott, will bring together three luxurious ships in blue depths in the first stage.
The first luxury yacht of Ritz-Carlton with 149 suite capacity of 292 passengers will be launched in the first quarter of 2019.

Each suite of this yacht will have a balcony. The ship will be designed by the Swiss-based Tillberg Design. The second ship will begin its journey in the first quarter of 2021. A year later, the third ship will be hosting its guests in the first quarter of 2022. However, sales will begin in 2018 for the cruises of ships.
In the form of 1 week or 10-day trips, travel program for the ships will be prepared.

There will be no cost for these three cruise ships. The vacation on the ships will push the limits of luxury.
In the first Ritz-Carlton yacht which will start its voyage in 2019 will feature a 3-star Michelin restaurant called Aqua Sven Alzfeld. There will also be a spa, panorama and wine bar with the signature of the Ritz-Carlton.

The route to the first ship of Ritz Carlton is already known. The ship will start travelling in the first months of 2019 and will carry its guests to destinations such as the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean Islands and Latin America. It will also stay overnight in harbours such as Portofino and St Barts.
Douglas Prothero and Lars Clasen will sit in the directorship chair of this company of Ritz Carlton.

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