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Schindler’s Letters Are Auctioned Out

Schindler’s List is perhaps one of the most striking films in the history of cinema. No doubt although Ben Kingsley, who gave life to German businessman Oskar Schindler’s Liam Neeson and deputy Itzhak Stern who is Jewish, had a big share in this, when you watch the film till the end of it, it creates a feeling like a slap effect on your face.

Oscar Schindler is an attempt to reach higher statues by finding money in Nazi Germany in World War II. Schindler wants Jewish Itzhak Stern, who understands bureaucratic affairs, to guide him. The story of the film began when the Nazis raided the homes of Jews in Poland and in time tells us about the transformation of Oscar Schindler into a man who actually helped the Jews until the last bullet.

In the first half of the film, Oscar Shcinder, who portrays wealth, luxury, fame and an image of a man who is fond of women, employs 1100 Jews under the influence of Stern at the cookware factory. Being his employee means getting rid of the dead for the Jews. That’s why everyone tries to get into that list. Oscar Schindler wants to get more Jewish workers at his factory. For this, he establishes good relations with high-ranking German soldiers and bribes them. But his money runs out after a while. Germany is occupied by Russians and the Jews in the camps are released. Oscar Schindler was also arrested for being a German. For this reason, Schindler says goodbye to his Jewish workers and leaves the factory without any money, and begins to keep the rest of his life in Argentina.

In years when Schindler was in Argentina, dozens of appreciation letters were sent by Jewish workers. These original letters were put up for auction in the auction house in England’s Lawrences Auctioneers. Merchants are expected to show intense interest in the auction.

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