Sne stand for iPad

Great design is almost entirely an effort of subtraction. It is not found in more features, but in greater clarity. It does not yield mass-market appeal, but a passionate response from those it serves well. In light of those beliefs, and in spite of all other products available, g86 design studio proudly releases the Sne stand for iPad, because the mantra still rings true that ‘less is more’.

Each Sne stand is made by a skilled craftsman in the United States with production capped at 2000 units, giving those who own one something more valuable. The Sne stand is sold directly by its designers in an effort to maintain a creative ecosystem where unique ideas reach the market. Because of the way it is made and sold, each of these  iPAD Stand s  has a story to be told.

The Sne stand from g86 has its roots in the modernist and minimalist design traditions of the early 20th century. It is molded from Baltic Birch plywood, in a fashion popularized by furniture of the period. Each design decision was informed by the same hunger for a return to craftsmanship, design clarity, and greater meaning in the environments where we live and in the objects we use.




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