The best 25 zoos in the world – Beavaul Zoo

The best 25 zoos in the world –  Beavaul Zoo  

The Beavaul zoo is situated in France and established in the year 1980 as an aviary. It has become the one of the most popular aviary, housing over 2000 bird species alone. The zoological garden had been continued as an ornithological park until the arrival of the  wild and large cats in the year 1989. After 10 years, the other animals were introduced to the land of zoo, and now it has grown to 4000 animal species. The most attractive and comprehensive collections of the zoo are white tigers, the pair of twin manatees.

Now the zoological garden has gained its popularity for having a large number of Giant panda and white tigers.  The Basel zoo also has some common animals like cheetah, leopard, white lion and white tiger,  Asian and African elephants and many more wild creatures. The zoological garden is about 2. 5 hectares with at present 4600 species of exotic animals. There are more than 200 primates at the zoo including chimpanzees, gorillas and Capuchins. For several years, the zoo has been breeding cubs, and it has been given to other accredited zoos and also there are more than 40 large cats like cheetah, snow leopard etc.  along with the 4600 species of animals, there are also several bird species in the zoo today. Beauval Zoo 1

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