The best 25 zoos in the world – Bronx Zoo

The best 25 zoos in the world – Bronx Zoo  

The Bronx zoo  is the zoological garden located in New York city, The United States of America. The zoo is one of the oldest and the best zoological garden in the world today. The zoological garden includes over 4000 endangered species and species of animals in its 265 acres of land in New York City. It is one of the largest metropolitan zoological gardens in the United States of America. The zoo garden was established in the year 1899 within 6.5 acres of New York city but now the zoological garden has gained its popularity by many foreign and local visitors and also expanded its area for the animal care. The Bronx zoo is part off our zoos integrated system with one aquarium managed by the wildlife conservation society.

The Bronx zoo of New York City includes all the species of animals and most endangered species like African wild dogs, tiger, snow leopard, ring-tailed mongoose, fosse, Asian elephants, giraffe, Gelada, lion, Indian rhinoceros, California sea lion, collared lemur, Aardvark, grizzly bear, gorilla, red panda, polar bear and many more. The Bronx zoological garden is also popular for its Congo Gorilla forest which is the largest African rain forest ever built, and the zoo has the comprehensive collections of baboons, gibbon and the wild monkeys.

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