Top 5 Unique Hotels

Those looking for a different experience in adventure or vacation are now heading to unusual hotels. From the hayloft to the top of a crane, many of these unusual hotels are ranked for you.

Spitbank Fort Hotel

Consider a fortress in the middle of the sea. The Spintbank Fortress, built by the British to protect Porsmounth Harbor from the attacks of Napoleon III, now serves as a hotel. The hotel has 9 rooms, 3 bars, 1 wine cellar, play rooms and 1 terrace

Jacuzzi The Beermoth

Did you mind if you ever stayed in a fire brigade truck? Probably not. The Beermoth, located in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park, is exactly that. In an old fire brigade truck, there is a bed that resembles the Victorian period, a small kitchen, and a wood sofas. Maybe you do not have the luxury but the endless meadows are yours. The best thing to do here is to take long walks, sit back and take in the beautiful fragrance of nature, or watch the stars.

Magic Mountain

This volcano-like hotel, which is filled with water instead of lava, is like a hobit house where you stay with the area around this big and interesting hotel.

Hayema Heerd Farm

Straw beds, straw seats and tables. The hotel is located near Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. When you get out of the hayloft, you can love the animals that are walking around. The hotel has a wonderful village café serving guests. The price of accommodation per night varies between 70 and 140 Euro per person.

Crane Hotel Faralda

Perhaps the most interesting of these hotels is the Faralda Crane Hotel. If you want to observe the bird’s eye view of the city in Amsterdam, you can make this wish by placing this crane in the hotel. This special hotel with 3 specially designed columns attracts great attention from artists and fashionists. The hotel offers guests the opportunity to do Bungie Jumping.


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