The University of Tokyo

The University of Tokyo (Todai or UTokyo) is a university spread across 7 different regions of Japan and managed to reach the top 20 in the ranking of the world’s best universities. Tokyo University consists of Tokyo, Kyoto, Tohoku, Kyushu, Hokkaido, Osaka and Nagoya buildings. There are 10 faculties within the university. Approximately 30,000 students study at the University of Tokyo. At the Social Sciences and Science School, English is taught at undergraduate level. At the same time, there are various programs in English language education in Economics, Environmental Sciences and engineering.

The average annual cost of studying at UTokyo is 58.000 Yen. International students may be exempted from tuition fees. To do this, you must have certain conditions. Information can be obtained from the University’s official website to learn the conditions and application form required to be exempt from student spending.

There are seven student dormitories in the vicinity of the University of Tokyo. Accommodation can be made in these dormitories during the education period. Home-stay accommodation in Japan is not a preferred option.

In addition to being exempt from tuition fees, the UTokyo supports foreign students by providing many services such as accommodation scholarship, food scholarship and career guidance. UTokyo, a Research University, is also supported by the state and has achieved many research achievements worldwide. During your studies at the university, you can take part in one of these studies and make great achievements. If you finish any program at the UTokyo, you will open all doors in Japan, as well as many doors in the world.

In addition to being a research university, UTokyo supports its students not only in the field of science but also in the social field and enables them to achieve success.


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