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The New Eating Habits Of The World: Solo Dinner

The name of this new trend is ‘solo dinner’. There is a significant increase in the number of restaurants that can be soloed all over the world. Surrounded by strange eyes still watching, those who prefer to eat solo are more than happy with it. Their slogans are ‘Self-confident, does not need anybody.’

Last year, the percentage of those who prefer to eat solo in Europe exceeded 30 percent. The income from eating alone would have been 11 million euros.

How do the right-wing soloists take care of themselves when eating alone? The answer is quite simple, mobile phones and tablets. Even knowing that, maybe they are social life that they live with cell phones and tablets that push them to solo. Solo practitioners who feel themselves social in a virtual sense do not hesitate to eat their food alone.

How is the situation in Turkey?

As a country that loves to eat table-tops, the situation in Turkey is even worse than in Europe. Solo eating usually chooses white-collar workers working in the plazas. It is possible to see people who drink or eat their own soup in various shopping malls of Istanbul, but this is not very common. If you eat alone, the waiters will ask you a few times ‘will your friend come?’ he says you asked. So it seems that businesses are not ready for that yet.

But in South Korea, where precedence is strangely welcomed by eating alone, this trend is bursting. The restaurants have designed special areas for eating alone by putting up long fairy-tale screens. They also started producing pizza for miniature portions of world famous brands such as Pizza Hut for solo enthusiasts.

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