The World’s Largest Wooden J Class Sailing Yacht

Based on the 1937 design of the America Cup defense yacht, this one is to be called Cheveyo and is also to be presented with modern day engineering along with a generous aura of sophistication. The season is when the rich would be willing to spend on boats and yachts,so this is perhaps the perfect time to announce new additions to one’s fleet.

There were 6 ranger designs that were presented in 1936, but Mr. Harold Vanderbilt was impressed with the ‘C’ version of the range presented. The reason for this was perhaps the calm waters of the Newport in Rhode Island. The Cheveyo will include some technological tweaks such as multi-layer lamina wood technology which would lighten the hull overall, along with a low profile deckhouse, high modulus carbon spars, carbon rigging and modernized sail designs to better control and maneuvering. This is why this new sailing yacht, will compete with any sports boats out there.

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