There is a Rival to Tesla Model X

A new one came from China to high technology vehicles. NIO, also known as Tesla in China, has seven seats in the new electric vehicle ES8.

The NIO ES8 reaches a speed of 100 km / h for 0.3 seconds faster than the Tesla model X. Tesla is accelerating to a speed of 100 km in 4.7 seconds, while the ES8 rises to this level in 4.4 seconds.



“People compare NIO with other brands,” said Zhu Jiang, NIO’s Deputy Director. But actually the car is just part of the package that we offer, and the software, cloud and customer service. What makes NIO different is that it’s an Internet product. Our goal is a brand new system that targets customer satisfaction. The product may be similar to our competitors, but in fact, our business model is very different.”

The sales price of NIO’s vehicle in China is half the price of Tesla. While Tesla was 836 thousand Yuan in China, ES8 was 448 thousand Yuan. This figure corresponds to approximately 260 thousand pounds.

In addition, for those who want to buy this vehicle, which is domestic goods in the Chinese state, it will give a state aid of about 80,000 Yuan. So the price of the car will fall to 370 thousand Yuan.

The NIO ES8 will also have an automatic emergency braking system. However, the most talked about development is the battery replacement centers planned to be established throughout China because, thanks to these centers, car owners will be able to charge their batteries in their electronic car instead of charging them with another charged battery.

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