Toothbrush 3Deeth : Compact Portable Toothbrush by Zeki Ozek

Your teeth hygiene won’t be an issue wherever you are with Toothbrush 3Deeth. It’s a mini portable toothbrush that you can carry around in your pocket unlike our traditional toothbrush. Many of us like to brush our teeth after every meal, having 3Deeth would be great especially when we are in a restaurant. This concept is a great solution for tooth brushing on the go, currently there are 2 models available: disposable and non-disposable, perfect solution for everyone.

The disposable version keeps toothpaste inside the rubber or plastic shell, squeeze the shell to release it onto the bristles. Place Toothbrush 3Deeth over your teeth as if you were biting then brush by holding the central grip and moving it left to right. The design enables you to clean front and back of your teeth at the same time. This tootbrush concept measures just 15 x 32 x 17 millimeters, covered in protective capsule, small enough that you can keep in your pocket or purse.

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