Top 10 universities in Russia – Lomonosov Moscow State University

Top 10 universities in Russia – Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University is recognized as one among the oldest and biggest university present in Russia. The Moscow State University was established in 1755 and in 1940, the university was renamed in honor of its founder, Mikhail Lomonosov.

Moscow state university also claims to include the tallest educational building in the world. Presently the State university of Moscow employs for more than 15, 000 support staff and 4000 academics. Every year the Moscow University enrolls about 4,000 international students and postgraduates worldwide. More than 40 thousand of postgraduates and undergraduates of about 7000, studies at the large university. The library system of Moscow university lis one among of the biggest libraries present in Russia with 9 million books and 2 million of them in foreign languages. The Moscow University offers more than 500 more education programs which are different in their student workload, subject area and their duration. Graduate studies like BSc, BA and other Bachelor studies and post graduation studies in master of business administration are becoming more and more popular in this university.

MBA studies have gained more reputation and popularity among Russia’s business community. The university also provides the academic and research internships under the guidance of MSU professors.

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