Top 10 universities in Russia – St. Petersburg State University

Top 10 universities in Russia – St. Petersburg State University

St. Petersburg University in Russia is one among the most leading international centers for culture, education and science. Saint Petersburg State University, after Moscow University it is the largest multi-facility university in Russia the University have gained its popularity in providing education in the field of the political elite.

The university is famous for the Law course, medicine, mathematics, philosophy, economics, history and many other courses. It is one among the oldest universities present in Russia that was founded in 1819. Today, the university includes of about 20,000 students, 2000 professors, library with 4 million volumes of all the languages and 210 different departments. There are plenty of undergraduates and postgraduate students from more than 90 different countries worldwide. Philosophy and law courses are popular in university over a period of more than 100 years. The University of St. Petersburg has gained popularity in the implementation of development of new technologies in the great field of history, geology, mathematics, genetics, biology, chemistry, physics and software development.

You can learn more about the university in depth from their official website. You can also find snapshots of various facilities offered by the university for students, on their official website. All information about courses can also be obtained from their website.


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