Top 10 universities in Russia – Tomsk state university

Top 10 universities in Russia – Tomsk state university

Tomsk state university is the first Siberian University which is situated in Siberia and was founded in the year 1878 in Tomsk. It is one of the oldest universities in Siberia in the Russian Asia. Presently there are 23 departments with nearly 23,000 students. Mechanics, Mathematics, History, Arts and culture, Chemistry, Biology, Computer studies, Philosophy, Business Studies, journalism and many more are the departments provided by the institution for students’ education.

The Tomsk state university is one of the 15 universities chosen by the government of Russia, to be a part of the world university elite. In the year 2010, the university has won the status of “National Research University”. The university is the leader of all the National ranking universities of higher education in the “National Research University” category list. The Tomsk Polytechnic University is recognized as one of the top 100 universities in the best universities list of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). It is in the second place among all the universities available in Russian after the Moscow Institute of physics and technology.

To learn more about the university and the facilities provided for students, you can visit their official website over the internet.

Tomsk state university

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