Top 25 best amusement parks for kid – Efteling, Netherlands

Efteling is one among the largest and attractive theme park which is located in the Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands. The theme park was opened in the year 1952 which is makes it say one among the oldest theme parks in the world. Till here the theme park has received 100 million visitors by making it as the most visited amusement park in the world. The amusement park has many exciting rides and attractions with an extensive variety of both indoor and outdoor sports. The theme park is evolved from the natural park with a fairy tale forest and a playground. Hence the Efteling calling it has just a theme park; it is a world of wonders where almost all things are possible both in terms of pleasure and business.

The Efteling presently covers approximately 160 acres of area, and it covers most of the young forest, roads and some grassland. The theme park now caters to both adults and children with its romantic, nostalgic, cultural and its variety of amusement rides. The theme park is twice large as the original theme Disneyland Park in California. The main theme of the park is the fantasy and based on the elements from legends, fairy tales, and folklore.

Efteling, Netherlands2

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