Top 25 best amusement parks for kid – Universal Studios of Florida, Florida

Universal studios of Florida commonly called universal studios is located in Orlando, Florida. The theme park was opened in the year 1990, and the entire theme of the park is the entertainment industry. The Universal studios, Florida, is an amazing amusement park which has many attractions like rides, live shows and its many other features. The main component of the theme park is its larger Universal Orlando Resort. The theme park hosted approximately 5.9 million visitors annually by making it the 8th most visited theme park in Florida and the 16th best amusement park in the World. The main theme of the Universal studios is the show business and entertainment industry.  Most of the adventures and the features of the universal studios attract and allow the visitors to utilize express pass. The express pass is not a virtual queuing service, and its priority is given priority status when boarding.

Along with the rides and some attractive games, the 3D shows and screens are one of the attractions in the universal studios. People and visitors can enjoy the themed dining and restaurant at the theme park and variety of exciting special events throughout the year.

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