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Unusual Restaurants

Have you ever had a meal with a giraffe or did you drink coffee with black cats? Did you eat under the iron bars or drink while you were passing a fish under water? If you do not answer all these, let’s take a look at these restaurants.

Our first interesting restaurant is from Italy. Located in Puglia, the Grotta Palazzese Restaurant is located in a cave near the sea. In the Ion Hotel’s bar in Iceland, the perfect reflection of the Northern Lights can be seen. ,

If you’ve not committed any crime, you probably do not know what it means to eat in prison. The Prison of Fire restaurant in Tianjin, China, offers you the opportunity to eat at this temple. You can eat your meals in cell-type rooms separated by iron bars.

Tsavo Lion Restaurant in Bali is located in a natural park. So it is a very high possibility that a lion is passing by you while you take a piece of your beef on your plate. But do not be afraid, there is a strong protector around the window.

Is not it freaky to be on the clouds? The Aiguille Du Midi Restaurant, built on a mountain top at a height of 3842 meters in France, incorporates its customers into this fairy tale.

In Giraffe Manor, Kenya, you can share a piece of your meal with a giraffe looking out at you from the window. If you are wondering about the water, Ithaa Restaurant in Maldives is for you.


The Snowcastle of Kemi in Finland is a restaurant made of ice. There’s only one thing you need to do when you get here. It is also dressed thick.

Sip Your Coffee in Himeji, Japan, is accompanied by black pheasants. Even if you own a cat, you can bring it here and spend time together. However, the cage’s condition is that your cat is also black.

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