Volvo Will Sell Cars Like Phone Sales

The famous car brand Volvo is introducing a new payment model for those who want to own a car.

The company has announced that it will sell the XC40 SUV model vehicle by paying 600 dollars a month to its customers in the United States. This monthly price includes the vehicle’s price, tax, delivery fee and insurance expenses.

Those who want to have a car with Volvo’s payment option do not have to deal with a loan application. Just like in telephone sales, you need to have a 24-month subscription.  During this time, the vehicle can be changed in accordance with the conditions offered to customers. If the customer wishes, membership can be repeated for 24 months.

The application will start with Volvo’s 2019 XC40. The vehicle’s advance U.S. sales price will vary between 34 – 36 thousand dollars depending on equipment.

Another similar application was launched in Cadillac, which was previously under the GM brand, but was asked for 1,500 pounds for membership. In Volvo, neither place nor age is wanted.

Atif Rafiq, President of Volvo’s Digital Division, said: “In today’s world, we think that simple ways to get a car are missing. But membership is a very different way, because it solves a lot of things in a wide sense. You’re not just buying cars, you’re keeping it alive. Additional costs, such as insurance, are paid.  Of course, Volvo can take vehicles in advance or by credit.”

Recently, Volvo signed an agreement with the transport company Uber and decided to work together. Within the scope of this study, 24 Volvo cars will be used for the Uber and Uber will have set up its own fleet. The partnership between Volvo and Uber will be based on the XC90 SUV model in the United States, which is $ 50,000.

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