Wesp Jetski by Daniel Bailey Allows You to Experience Formula 1 on Water

Can you imagine to be able to experience Formula 1 on water? Yes, you can do that with Wesp Jetski by Daniel Bailey. It’s been pre-launched at the Monaco boat show and the feedback is pretty amazing, the official launch will be within coming months. The main goal of Wesp Jetski project was to provide you with the first and most exhilarating and aesthetically pleasing ergonomic water craft. Experience gentle cruising over the waves or you can switch to high-speed racing mode if you can handle it where your body motion steering system makes you and machine blend together as one.

Designer : Daniel Bailey

The patented Wesp Jetski is comprised of two main parts: the front and the back. The back part houses the engine, fuel and jet propulsion system while the front revolves on hinges beneath the racing seat which allow user to lay back as if driving a formula 1 racing car and maneuver the craft with body motion. Simply swivel your body to the left to turn left and right to turn right, pretty cool huh?

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