The World’s Most Expensive Houses

The World’s Most Expensive Houses
At the very beginning of human life, he found a cave and took refuge there and protected himself from environmental factors. Many years later, we cannot get ourselves without wondering what their reaction would have been if the first people saw the point about housing.

Today, there are a lot of houses all over the world with incredibly luxurious features. It is not known whether the goal is to lead a more comfortable life or to push the point where luxury will come. But the truth is that these houses are dazzling.
Here’s what we’ve chosen for you from the most luxurious and expensive houses in the world;

London’s 7 Upper Phillimore Gardens is one of the 10 most expensive homes in the world with a value of 128 million dollars. The house, owned by the daughter of the second Prime Minister Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine, has 10 bedrooms, a sauna, a cinema and an indoor swimming pool.

Kensington Palace Gardens in London is worth $ 140 million. Inside the Palace, there is a car museum, swimming pool, health centre and tennis court.

Seven the Pinnacle, owned by Tim Blixseth, one of the founders of Yellowstone Club, is worth 155 million. The house in Montana is accessible by cable car.

most expensive houses
most expensive houses

The owner of Heart Castle, which is one of the places where The Godfather was filmed, is William Randolph. The House, worth $ 191 million, is located in California.
Ellison estate, owned by Oracle’s founder Larry Ellison, is one of the world’s most expensive homes with a value of $ 200 million.
Four Fairfield Pond, with a self-generated system, is pushing top positions in the list of the world’s most expensive homes with $ 249 million. IRA Renner, the founder of the Renco Group, has the house which attracts attention with a 91-metre-long dining room.

Located on the French Riviera, Villa Leopolfa is set in a fifty-acre land. The price of the house is 750 million dollars.
Antilia, in Mumbai, ranks the second in the world’s most expensive houses. This house, where 600 people work for their daily jobs, is worth $ 1 billion. The owner is Mukesh Ambani, who is one of India’s richest person, head of Reliance Industries.
The royal family of Buckingham Palace of England is ranked the first in the list of the world’s most expensive houses. The palace has 775 rooms, 52 bedrooms and 78 bathrooms, which are worth 1.6 billion dollars.

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