Yale University

Yale University is located in New Heaven, Connecticut State of USA. The university, which has been teaching since the 1700’s, is a foundation University. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States.

Yale provides Undergraduate Study and Graduate & Professional Study. Yale has 14 schools. Yale College, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, School of Medicine, Divinity School, Law School, School of Engineering & Applied Science, School of Art, School of Music, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, School of Public Health, School of Architecture, School of Nursing, School of Drama and School of Management.

The average annual cost of studying at Yale University is around $50,000. The stated fee is the tuition fee that has to be paid to the university for only education. There are multiple accommodation possibilities at Yale. While studying at the university, the average cost of accommodation is around $9,000.

Yale campus is called the city campus. There is everything you need on campus. Students don’t really need to go downtown. Due to the campus facilities, most students prefer to stay in the dormitories on campus. If you need it, you can easily reach the city centre by public transport. But the city of new heaven is a very small city. And it can easily be said that most of the social activities in the city are organized within the structure of Yale. Therefore, it can be said that you are actually in the city center while you are within the boundaries of Yale University.

In the applications, Yale attaches importance to the communication of the student with his / her social environment, rather than to the past success of the student. The letter of intent you have to submit during your application is the best option to explain these situations. Education at Yale starts in September, as in many other American universities, and applications must end in January at the latest. Each year the application dates vary. Information about the net application date can be found on the University’s official website.

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